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Motorized CH-113 Labrador Helicopter


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          This lego ideas helicopter was a collaboration with user FighterPilot_556, he is my brother and I have his permission to post this idea.
This is a model of a CH-113 Labrador helicopter used in Search And Rescue by the Royal Canadian Air Force. We built this because our father was a Search And Rescue Technician (SAR Tech) and worked in this type of helicopter. We built it as a gift for him to remember a 26 year career of serving. That others may live. Even though this is a military vehicle it was not used in any warfare or combat situations at all. This vehicle was used for search and rescue only! The CH-113 Labrador was used by search and rescue squadrons that conducted missions all across Canada.
    We believe this would be an amazing Lego set because this aircraft served Canada for 41 Years, and was the primary rescue vehicle that was directly responsible for saving thousands of fishermen, boaters, aviators, hikers, and other people suffering from differing disasterous situations. 
   This amazing lego set has a remote control, varying speed rotors blades, a functioning ramp, working cargo door, and a retracting winch. I always found that when lego sets can move and/or have motors, they are more fun to play with. The set we designed would come with a helipad, GPU cart (ground power unit), and a crew compliment of 5 Characters, 2 x Pilots, 1 x Flight Engineer, and 2 x SAR Techs.

If you want to see the video with the winch and blade functions, click the link below,

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