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Construct and Roll the Ball!

So, you think that LEGO creation is too easy for you ?
Well try this one! Not only you would need to construct the board and one of the multiple levels provided by this new LEGO set, but you will get even more fun by resolving the game-puzzles!

This new LEGO is inspired by the mobile game Roll the ball: slide puzzle. It provides a hundred of variants which includes different levels of difficulty - providing more challenges as you moved on through the puzzles. To play, you need to move the different squares, making a path to roll the ball into the maze until you find the red exit! More stars you collect, more points you get! Be aware, the red and the grey parts can not be moved, and you have a maximum of moves available to get out!

A great variety of levels are provides on the cards. You can even create your own challenge to confront your friends!

In line with the LEGO games theme, Roll the ball would be a creative family-friendly game and set. Would you be able to solve this puzzle?

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