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FRIENDS: The One With The Lego Set


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     The building represented in the photos above is the Lego Brick rendition of the very popular building in the TV series FRIENDS. Having been a very large part in many adults' youth, this show would be a great way to accomidate fans of the show and collectors to move towards the Lego brand. Sure the idea might not completely be for children, mostly adults and teens, but children still could have the possiblity of getting it, for pieces or for the purpose of just having another local/building to play with. 

     Another important factor of creating a Lego set would be the features and characters. Starting with the features, there would be the obvious local of the coffee house and the apartment from the show, and, to make it a little more fun for some fans, references from the show, such as paintings or objects, could be scattered around the set. Another "add-on" could be the little camera crew that you see below, and the taxi featured in the show (could be repleaced by the Porche shown in the show). Finally, the minifigures presented would be the main six characters in the show (Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica, and Pheobe), Ross and Monica's parents, and Gunther, a worker at the coffee house. Why these characters? Well, I figured that they would work the best, since they are the characters that are shown the most throughout the seasons. 

     Therefore, I think that including a set like this in the Lego Ideas brand could open new opportunities for adult and teen fans of the show to migrate towards the Lego community. Thank you, both the Lego team and the supporters, for reading. 

                                                                                                 Yours Truly, The Creator

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