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Monument Valley (Chapter IV: Water Palace)

This is a recreation of the game called: Monument Valley, and this is a level in the chapter IV, it's named Water Palace. There are many illusions and buildings to explore in the game and to complete them, they often spin or have moving segments + more. Lets find out more about this idea...

Ida's quest!
The white little figure you see in the pictures above is named Ida, as in the game she explores the worlds of surprises. The whole building scene is spin able due to a black rotation brick attached to pink octagon withe the building, as in the game levels do spin in certain angels.
There's a notable waterfall that's flowing into a water puddle on the inside as well.

At a certain angle, you can see an illusion that it "connects" as in picture #4, pretty unique if you ask me!
We have pink rooftops, orange button for rotation (in-game), jumpers to place Ida on the ground tiles and on the tower itself, and lotus flowers with lily pads in the water below!
As well as an outside balcony, well 2 actually, on the top and below it, and rounded windows!

There's a lot to find out in this set and enjoy!
I believe this set would make great for children and adults (about 8-16+), that have or had played the game before in their childhood etc. Why i built this is because it reminds me of how to be creative :)

Monument Valley by Ustwo Games
LEGO Idea created by Cronibet

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