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A Memorable Journey

"We never go as far as when we do not know where we are going" Christopher Colombus.

After days of walking in the rainforest, totally exhausted and when he thought he was lost, he finally saw it. It was just there. Hidden beneath the jungle stood the lost temple of Ixpanpatec... So he was right!

But what is inside? Are you ready to enter and discover what the temple has in store for us?

This is my first LEGO Ideas project and I hope you will like it. The idea was to design an easy-to-build and kids-friendly adventure set.   

It features a small temple surrounded by a luxuriant forest, one explorer, a conquistador skeleton, some gold coins, some gems, a statue, several bottles, some old weapons as well as several animals you can probably find in the rainforest (such as 5 parrots, 3 snakes, 3 frogs, 2 spiders and 1 cameleon) and other eye-catching details. 

If you like it, please support and share! Thank you

Number of parts: 520

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