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School Modular

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This is my fifth invention for the modular building's series. It is a school. In my school all the floors are tiled. So I tiled the floors in this school. All the hallways in this school are dark green and white and all the rooms in the school are tiled dark blue and white. In the font of the school is a trash bin and a light post. I made steps lead up to the schools front door. To decorate the windows I put dark green things (I don't know how to call it).

This is the first floor. Through this floor is where you can access the backyard. There is a basket under the stairs. That is the lost and found in case you lost something. Like on the second floor, there is a table with flowers on it it in the corner. On this floor there is also the principals office. There are four file cabinets behind the desk at the back. One desk is for help in case you are hurt and need a band-aid or just need to go home for an appointment. The second desk is the principals. each desk has a cup and the front desk has a computer.

This is the second floor. There are eight full size lockers since there are just eight kids in this school. Each locker is full size and contains a cabinet and 2 drawers. There is a table with flowers on it in the corner for decoration. A janitor is cleaning the floor since it is now recess for the kids. There are 2 tables since there are only eight kids in this school.This floor is also tiled.

This is the back of my school. It is currently recess time for the kids so they are outside. There is a bin at the back of the school that when I really make this set will hold balls and toys for the kids to play with. On the top of the school is a bell that rings for lunch time and recess. You can go onto the roof though the back door of the tower. On the roof, there is a bin that holds soccer balls or any type of toy you would use for gym since the roof is supposed to be a gym for the kids. This is why I fenced it off. The gym teacher and the coach are talking up there.

This is the third floor of my creation. There are two classrooms: One for the mini figures with short legs in the yard (elementary school) and the other for mini figures in the yard with long legs (High School). There are 4 desks in each classroom and eight drawers in each classroom. This floor is as well tiled like all the other floors.

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