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Minecraft Micro World: Biomes Iron Pack

Update: decals, a dead bush, a rose, and small mushroom are now added!

This project seeks to bring more biomes and iron to the Minecraft Micro World. The four vignettes can be re-arranged, just like the three Minecraft sets already produced. It includes four new micromobs (Iron Armour Steve, Cow, Enderman, and Iron Golem) and one bonus block (Iron Block).

These are the vignettes lined up. From left to right:desert well, mesa, mushroom island, and tundra. The Enderman is holding the iron block.

This is inside the model. From left to right, top to bottom: stronghold library, stronghold well, cave, and stronghold End portal. The black End portal can be removed to reveal lava underneath. See the above picture for a better view of the library.

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Here's a closer look at the micromobs. From left to right: Enderman, cow, iron armor Steve, and- aw, thanks iron golem!

Last, many thanks to TheWolfpack. He has more Minecraft projects, so please check them out!

Here is the older model recreated in Minecraft! :D

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