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Titanic Grand Staircase


Ever since I saw James Cameron's Titanic, in the late 90s I became obsessed with it and as a subject in general, I even imagined how the Grand Staircase could be built in Lego.

It took me years to think of building the set on Lego Designer and a total of over a month to achieve it, this is how I am obsessed with it, built with love and passion.

During the build I have tried to take every possible detail that was on the ship and apply it as a Lego build even though there were some impossible to achieve.

Although the build was on Lego Designer, but I have rendered the models on Studio 2.0, and Photo-shopped the arms because when I imported the model to Studio the arms positions were dropped leaving the claw hands in its place.

Below is an example From left to right: Lego Digital Designer, Studio Render after import, the Photo-shopped arms

I believe this could be a very good set because its in interesting tribute to all fans of Titanic and not only the film, I added Jack and Rose as a symbol to the ship and because of this motion picture I also became interested of the subject itself.

Per the Lego Digital Designer, this build used a total of 2365 pieces including the brick separator.

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