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"Come on, Red, let's go!" - Luke Skywalker [Star Wars episode IV]

R5-D4 is the droid with the bad motivator that Uncle Owen almost buys from the Jawas.

This project is the same scale as, and based on the Ultimate Collector Series R2-D2 set (10225).

The body has been modified with the correct coloured panels front and back. The head has been designed with studs facing outward on all four sides in order to capture the conical shape. More studs-not-on-top building have been used to facilitate the design of eight access panels on the top of the head.

If Lego were to adopt this idea, it could be done as an add-on to the R2 set or as a stand alone set. An R5 unit with a different colour scheme could be easily designed by swapping colours.

Some of the details built into the model are shown above. The eight access panels on the top are correctly depicted (the lego minifigure R5 units all have six panels).

Close-up of the head - showing the strip of lights around the 'neck' of R5-D4. The head is fully rotatable like the R2-D2 model that it is based on.

The head design (prior to the addition of 1x1 round tiles to the sensors).

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