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The Great British Holiday "A Summer Day"


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Many people across the UK spend at least one holiday in a caravan, static home or equivalent. This is shown by the vast amount of caravan parks and campsites appearing around the Great British Isles.

This model of a classic British caravan depicts a family of six (one mum, one dad, one grandad and three children) enjoying the sun outside their caravan on a hot Summer day. It includes 1 caravan (with fully detailed interior on 1:50 scale), 1 small family car, 1 large family car, 6 minifigures, 1 balcony (partly attached to the caravan), 1 "remote control" car, 1 swing-ball set and 1 tree as well as baseboards (depicting a plot for the caravan and a small road section leading to it) although this could change if the model becomes a product.

The caravan is an eight birth caravan (three bedrooms and one removable bed which sits in the living room), based in particular on the ABI Brisbane 2004 model. The interior is to the same plan as the original ABI caravan but could be used to represent any type. It includes 1 kitchen come dining come living room, 2 bedrooms (each with 2 beds), 1 large bedroom (with a double bed) and a bathroom complete with shower cubicle.

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