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Johnny Thunders dirt racer.


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Johnny Thunders dirt racer is Johnny's car when he needs to speed across the desert. With sleek colors it's bound to track some attention! But be careful, you don't want to run into that cactus! Includes one minifigure, a cactus and a rock.

Pic 1. The Dirt racer.

Pic 2. Front view.

Pic 3. Side view. Both side's are the same.

Pic 4. The trunk. Fit's a treasure,map. Wonder what it's for? :)

Pic 5. The rock, the cactus and Johnny Thunder.


Hope you liked this. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! :) :D Please be sure to check out my other projects! You won't regret it! :D :)

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