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Lego Supercar Mocman Arrow Black Edition

Lego Supercar Mocman Arrow Black Edition

Every spring I have a fever for a sports car, so now I created one of my own. May I introduce the Supercar Mocman Arrow Black Edition featured with lambo doors and a V12 engine.

There's also steering in steering wheel (Hand of God) and in the rear fog light. The body is based on rigid monocoque structure and the bottom is all flat. The features which I really like are the aggresive reverse rake (can be seen in the side profile picture) which gives the rear wheels good grip in the real life. Also the rear diffusors and curved bricks between rear lights are typical features for a supercar like this. All forms were created by using bricks which adds sort of "retro" feeling on it, so I wanted to leave some studs visible. This is what a new Creator set could look like. My kids love to play with it.

The design is based on supercars from 80'ies to the 2010's with some influence of race cars. The car is 34 studs long (27cm) and 12 studs wide.

Hope you like. Thanks for looking.

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