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Johnny Thunder Returns! (The Rover Expedition and Cairo HQ)


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Johnny Thunder Is back! Join Johnny and his daring team: Pippin Reed, Dr. Kilroy, quartermaster Captain Singh, and faithful assistant Hershey, as they embark on an adventurous expedition around the globe in their all-terrain vehicles. 

Where will their adventures take them? The dunes of Egypt? The great Serengeti? The jungles of India? The Australian outback? The mysterious Himalayas? The lost cities of South America? The frozen northern tundra forests? Maybe all of these destinations and many more!

This set was inspired by the classic car designs of LEGO’s Adventurers line. When Adventurers first released (1998) I designed and played with many car variations using the new pieces created for these sets. The imagination never stops, and recently it was time to try again! 

The centerpieces of this set are the two all-terrain rovers. Rover 1 (Ö7) is beige/tan, open-topped, and seats three. It is the recon rover, and Johnny's personal car. Rover 2 (A8) is sand green, close-topped and seats two. It is the equipment and baggage rover, and is usually driven by the team's quartermaster, Captain Singh, or by Hershey. The aim with this build was to create high-end and highly detailed play vehicles that reference the original Adventurers vehicles but introduce something new. The two rovers make this a "mobile" play set that invites the imagination to explore many different destinations. This is primarily a play set, but could also appeal to auto enthusiasts, Adventurers fans, and collectors. 

The set now also includes the Cairo Headquarters for the Adventurers, including a loaded out supply garage, Shell petrol pump station, office, barracks and small treasure gallery. And a rooftop terrace for celebrating successful expeditions. 

Of course, Johnny Thunder and crew are great LEGO personalities and favorites of many. It is fun to see them make a return, and to see them with some updated gear, and still sporting their classic looks (like the folded fedora and the pith helmet).

938 total parts
2 All-terrain rovers, loaded out with adventuring equipment: 
  Rover 1 (Ö7) Johnny's personal car, and the reconnaissance vehicle. 
  Rover 2 (A8) The team's equipment and baggage vehicle (and treasure too). 
6 mini-figures
 Johnny Thunder (Updated look, with the classic hat)
 Pippin Reed (Classic character, updated look)
 Dr. Kilroy (Classic character, updated look, original pith helmet)
 Captain Singh (New character)
 Hershey (New character)
 NEW Baron von Barron (Classic character, updated "city" look)
Specialized extra equipment for cold-weather adventures
NEW The Adventurers' Cairo Headquarters and Shell Petrol Pump

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