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Atlantic Puffin

Why I built this Atlantic Puffin

This year, in my mid-thirties, I rediscovered LEGO for myself. It helps me to leave behind the challenges of the last few years and the worries of everyday life and to be fully in the moment for a while. In order to experience these moments more often, I bought a 'LEGO Classic set' with many different bricks to stimulate my creativity.
While thinking about what I could build first, I saw the little wooden Puffin figure on our windowsill. It is a souvenir from an exciting trip to Iceland, where I saw a puffin for the first time. Since then it has been my favorite bird, representing good times and wonderful trips to Scandinavia.
So I decided to make a puffin as my first own creation.

Why it would make a great LEGO set

I believe this puffin would make a great LEGO set as it is both a great size to play with, but it is also very decorative and like my wooden figure would make a nice souvenir from a trip. If this had been available in Iceland at the time, I would certainly have taken it with me as a souvenir.
For LEGO, with its Scandinavian roots, this nordic bird would be a great addition to the existing birds in their portfolio.
In terms of size and aesthetics, it looks very nice next to the 'Valentine Lovebirds', for example.

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