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The Batcave

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Batman's Batcave set, essential for Batman to help fight crime in Gotham City.

The following set comprises of three levels:

  1. Ground Level: Work and Repair area with three storage work benches and four glass display cabinets for all of Batman's gadgets (theses are to be either printed blocks or stickers showing the gadgets). Drive ramp with parking bay and fuel storage cyclinder for the "Batmoblie" which is located underneath the third level.
  2. Second Level: Two Glass storage units, one cylinder shaped unit which will hold the "Batsuit" (Batsuit to be either LEGO or a sticker/card insert) and to the right of that a unit that will hold Batmans weapons (this can either be a unit with a working door and LEGO weapons or printed blocks or stickers showing the weapons).
  3. Third Level: The "Batcomputer" with chemical testing area to the right. The red transparent blocks could be working flashing LED's to indicate "trouble in Gotham City". The screen of the computer to be printed blocks or stickers.

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