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Larger Aquarium.


This is the larger Aquarium I refered to in my other Aquarium Build. This one is based on a real Aquarium in the State of Georgia in the USA. This Aquarium includes Multiple species but isn't overcrowded. There's a Ray,Shark, Sawfish and Octopus. Plus multiple creatures that dwell in the lower areas of the Ocean like Crabs,Clams,Sea Anenomies, Plant life and of course the Coral Reef in the background. There are even pieces to an old ship that are used as an artificial reef. The wall has Seaweed and even Starfish are crawling up the wall. The tank is viewable from 3 sides and has the usual Fact panels you'd see at an Aquarium at the front. I haven't added figures because I don't know what types would fit perfectly. If there's any improvements I need to make please let me know. This also has many improvized pieces.

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