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Police Pickup Truck


Hello everyone on Lego Ideas. This idea i have is for the Lego City Police Sets. This idea is called Police Pickup Truck. This Lego City Set comes with a Police Pickup Truck, a driving wheel, a door on the back,  a step on the back for prisoners, a  short seat inside the truck, six blue light bars, two blue circle, a front plate with blue lights and clear lights, a back plate with blue and red brake lights, a police sign on the bumper, a watch your speed sign with a computer, a clamp, two yellow bars for yellow signals, one plate camera on the front and a video recorder camera on the back,  a stick with a 50 speed limit sign,  a police man with police hat, a motorcycle with yellow headlight, motorcyle wheels, motorcyle motorist with helmet and visor,  and a drivers license, I made this set because Lego city does not have a speed sign or a Police Pickup Truck that can carry Prisoners in the back of the truck, Lego City also does not make a driver's License. This set would be hours of fun for everyone and acceptable for all ages. This was easy to build and a lot of fun creating. This would go great with other Lego City Police Sets and also the Police Traffic Copters please make sure to check that one out also. I hope you will vote on this project and to let your friends know that you voted on Police Pickup Truck Today! Thanks and have a Great Day! If you have any suggestions please leave them on the comment page and i will respond to them as they come in and Thanks again!

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