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Tesla Center

Welcome to Tesla Centers today the world is changing and electric vehicles are arriving on our roads to give way to ecology, it seems to me necessary to build this set. Your children will also be able to build it and have fun with the set. Inspired by current tesla centers and suitable for modular. So that it fits perfectly into the already existing set. The set consists of a space dedicated to the sale of Tesla vehicles with the seller and its color palette wall to personalize its Tesla vehicle as well as a space for the technician with 2 garage doors that can be opened thanks to a rolling door system so that cars can enter the technical center and carry out maintenance or updating the vehicle

With its 3 superchargers in the parking spaces dedicated to electric vehicles, it will allow up to 3 cars to be charged at the same time.

This set also includes 4 vehicles: a Model Y, two Model S and a Cybertruck. It's an amazing opportunity for Lego enthusiasts and Tesla fans to build their own detailed and functional hub.

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