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The Fortress in the Green Mountains

I hope you enjoy my newest submission, The Fortress in the Green Mountains!

The Fortress in the Green Mountains is my second 3,000 piece project that I've submitted! You might expect the model to look bigger, since it consists of 3,000 pieces, but it takes a lot of pieces to make textured walls like this, so it doesn't take long before you reach 3,000. I probably would have made a larger model if it wasn't for that reason, but I think it's a nice size.

Some of my favorite details are the bricks on the castle walls with horizontal grooves. I thought that added nice texture to the wall. I also like the helmet shelf in the armory, even though it was a simple detail. Though the jail in the tower was somewhat of an afterthought, I think that it is a nice use of the space. Lastly, I'm glad I spent the time to make all of the ceilings removable, revealing the rooms underneath.

I enjoyed building this fortress and to see my idea come to life! Thank you so much for reading and supporting!

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