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Dreamworks' Shrek's Swamp 2


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Here is Shrek's Swamp, this is a project I've been working on for years now! This build has over 2000 pieces representing Shrek's house, 12 characters from the Shrek films, the iconic Outhouse and the Beware of Ogres sign! The first Shrek film released back in 2001, and next year, 2004 will mark the 20 year anniversary of Shrek 2 which is a lot of people's favourite Shrek movie from the franchise! I watched this movie back in theatres and have watched it so many times over the years that I can recite it all! And this submission features a couple new additions and updates!

Shrek lives inside of an old dead tree. So the top of the tree is removable giving you access to the inside of his home! Some of the changes can be spotted from the outside of his house! With the introduction of a couple new LEGO piece colours I was able to update a few wood planks with Warm Tan and Medium Brown! I added some sunflowers up in the front referencing the first film! Also a suspicious stack of waffles have appeared...

Onto the inside, you can see a couple of letters and a dead plant next to the entrance that Donkey neglected to take care of when he was looking after Shrek's home when he was on his honeymoon with Fiona. His house also has a kitchen / dining area. He can cook a bunch of stews and different ogre cuisines there. On the dining room table is a jar full of eyeballs, an eyeball-tini and his ear wax candle! The living room area has a couple of fun references as well, Shrek's chair, the totally alive fish Fiona and Shreks in a swampy fish bowl, the Magic Mirror TV remote and a plate full of drumsticks. You can step through the curtain into Shrek's bedroom where it may or may not be occupied by the Big Bad Wolf! A chest has been added which holds a couple of important items from when he first met and rescued Fiona from the Dragon's Keep!

The build can also open up down the middle allowing you to get better access to some of the tighter areas like the bedroom or inside of the tree's fireplace.

The minifigures in the set have a new addition and few changes! Donkey has stayed the same and uses all existing pieces. Shrek has on his knight gear mentioned before from when he rescued Fiona. He's also got a new 1x1 tile of Fiona's Favour from the first film which becomes even more important in the fourth film. Princess Fiona has gotten a new updated outfit based off of Shrek 2 and she's holding the Fairy Godmother's Business card. Puss in Boots has his hat, sword, cape and of course his wee little boots!

To round out the rest of the characters in the set we've got almost all of Shrek's family and friends! The the Big Bad Wolf who has the shower cap piece on top of a wolf head, The Three Blind Mice, Gingy and Pinocchio who has the generic boy hair with a dish on top! He would also be able to take advantage of the brand new Pinocchio head introduced in 2023! Unfortunately due to the limit of minifigures you can submit, the Three Little Pigs were omitted.

The newest addition is the highly requested Lord Farquaad! He's got Shakespeare hair and a sailor cap to complete his iconic look! His accessories there are a glass and a scroll which is meant to double as both the deed to Shrek's Swamp as well as the invitation from the King and Queen of Far Far Away inviting Fiona to a royal ball in celebration of her marriage to Sir Shrek. The Magic Mirror is also apart of the main Shrek crew so I've included of course his face on the rounded 2x4 tile, but it would also come with 2 other tiles you could swap out. One being a reference to when the Magic Mirror shows Princess Fiona locked away in her tower to Lord Farquaad. And the other being Fairy Godmother on the Red Carpet coverage from the Royal Ball from Far Far Away celebrating Shrek and Fiona's marriage!

There are so many other references and easter eggs in the set that I unfortunately cannot show here because of the 15 image limit but you can find a video on my YouTube channel showing much more and talking about all this! So thank you all so much for all of your support the first time around, hopefully now this second time I can count on your support again! And like last time we've got ANOTHER 10 minifigures that I will reveal at every 1k milestone!

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