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Peter Pan: Mermaid Lagoon


In Disney's Peter Pan, Wendy wants to visit the Mermaid Lagoon, but, when she gets there, she isn't so happy about Peter's friends...

This model includes:

-6 mermaids


-Peter Pan

-2 fish

-1 shell

-1 starfish


Wendy and the mermaids all have double faces (one side smiling, the other side scowling)


The mermaids are sitting on the rocks, while Peter tells of how he cut off Hook's left hand and fed it to the crocodiles. Wendy is standing on a rock off to the side, trying to get over to him. One mermaid in underneath the waterfall, coming from the rocky mountainside.


(NOTE: If there is an update to LEGO Digital Designer, then I will update this project, having all the minifigures in more fitting clothing)


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