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The Cat in the Hat


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The Cat in the Hat

One of the most popular books Written by Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat was first published in 1957 as an exciting alternative for children's learning books of the time. Since then it has become a very beloved book loved by children and adults alike and has been made into an animated TV special, a major motion picture, an animated television series, and even incorporated into a broadway musical entitled Seussical. Having been a part of a school production this musical, I can personally attest to the expansive influence of the Cat and his trademark hat. So without further ado, on to the set!

Needless to say, a children's book of this magnitude was destined to meet a toy theme like LEGO. I did my best to include the best parts of the book in this set.

Set Includes:

-Sally's House, with a window, two chairs, couch, a flower vase, a dresser, a lamp, and several other items and toys around the house

-The Cat in the Hat's clean-up machine with posable arms

-The Things' box which opens and closes

-Also includes the fish in his bowl, the kite with mom's dress and the signature ball from the story


-The Cat


-Sally's Brother/Narrator (named Conrad in the 2003 film)

-Thing 1

-Thing 2

This set is designed for much playability, where kids can have fun and learn a thing or two (no pun intended) about cleaning up! Kids can play with this set, acting out favorite scenes from the book while their parents read it with them. This can take the visual learning Seuss imagined to a whole new level involving hands-on activity as well. This set has playability, cultural value, educational opportunity, and is an all-around fun build. 

Please support and share to help make this set a reality. I would love to hear your feedback on this set, so please comment. Thank you!

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