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Lunar New Year Fai Chun Calligraphy


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This is my Lunar New Year Fai Chun Calligraphy MOC for celebrating the forthcoming of the new year.

Fai Chun (Fortune couplet) is one of the popular traditions during the Lunar New Year that every family would stick it around their homes from year-end for their wishes of the coming year. Usually they would buy the Fai Chun from the shops but some people would love to do the calligraphy by themselves since they can customize what they are writing on it. Some famous persons would do the calligraphy as a performance or ceremony for the celebration. Also, some parents would love to do it together with their children for a celebration activity nowadays. For more about the origin or history of such a tradition, I could search for more if you are interested to know about it.

For my submitted ideas, it includes two sets of Fai Chun in different style. Each set includes four wordings, they are "福" (Cantonese pronounce as "Fook" for good fortune), "掂" (Cantonese pronounce as "Dim" for successful or in praise of brilliant), "大吉" (Cantonese pronounce as "Dai Gut" for good luck) and "虎" (Cantonese pronounce as "Fu" for tiger since the coming year is the year of tiger). Also, one set is on the red plain paper that is similar to the traditional agricultural village style ones, while the other set is on the modern patterned paper. 

I have also done the two sets of ink, black and golden, for making different combination since they are always the most common used colors. The writing brushes and the color dishes are in two sets too.

I may try to work on some other wordings or some other pattern if getting enough supports or more ideas. 

The entire MOC is about 1800 pieces.

Thank you for your reading.

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