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Great Wall of China: Ninja Raid


This is my second section of the Great Wall of China.The difference between this set and my first one is this time instead of samurai attacking it is ninjas.These sets are supposed to be the Japan at war with the China.

Both of the towers have four flags.Two yellow and two red.There is also a signal fire.The inside has a table and two chairs.There is also an empty bucket.

There are two different sections of the wall.The shorter section is straight.The longer section has a curve to it.Both of the sections and towers can be connected by grey connectors.

The ninja raiding party has two ninjas. The one with the beard and the grappling hook is the ninja master.The one without facial hair is just a regular ninja.

Included in side is:

  • Two Chinese crossbowmen
  • A Chinese swordsman
  • A Chinese spearman

Now here is the list of ninjas:

  • Ninja master with beard,grappling hook and Katana 
  • Ninja with a sword

Thank you for checking out this set.Please support it.

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