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Working Bowling Alley - with Functional Pinsetter & Ball Return!

Watch the video below to see how it works!

A fully functional Bowling Alley which includes:

Working Pinsetter - Automatically resets the bowling pins with the turn of a handle, which slides a brand new set of pins into play and neatly arranges them in the classic triangle pattern, ready to be knocked over again!

Working Ball Return - Transports the bowling balls all the way from the back of the alley, via an underground channel complete with an elevator system that carries the balls to the top!

Ball & Pin Collection Area - Hidden behind the bowling alley, this automatically separates the bowling ball from the pins as they pass through a brick-built filter. The ball gets sent to the ball return mechanism and the pins fall into a convenient collection tray!

Realistic Details - Including a scoreboard, comfy seating area, snack stand, bowling ball storage shelf and more!

All of this is built into a 43x19 stud area featuring a smart dark blue and gold color scheme which makes for a timeless design that can be used in classic and modern settings. It's a perfect size for both minifigures and humans to interact with, and the stylish design combined with the functional play features would make it a really unique LEGO set that is fun for all ages! 

Thank you and I appreciate your support!

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