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Aeterna: A FantaSciFi Legend

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Originally, I was going to make a design based on Final Fantasy VII. However, I figured that the idea might not work as a LEGO set, even though I would like to see it. While I was thinking about it, though, I noticed that there are no themes that combine science fiction and fantasy elements. This has been done in other instances, such as in Final Fantasy VII, but not in LEGO. Both themes have individually been popular, so why not combine them? The basis of this theme is that a magic-based society has advanced technologically and spread across the galaxy. In this setting, there are robotic dragons, space knights who wear spacesuits that resemble medieval armor, and cyborg sorcerers. What sounds gimmicky at first could be a great opportunity for creative designs! Due to the large number of planets and civilizations, as well as the various sources that could be drawn upon, there are many potential sets, characters, and styles, with the two themes combining in unique and diverse ways. There could be haunted space stations, spell-casting aliens, space pirates and more! I uploaded a few pictures that illustrate my idea of the overall look of some sets.

UPDATE: I changed the design of the dragon to make it look more robotic. It's also more impressive than the original design, because I decided that if I want my project to get noticed among the great designs on this website, I must include something more spectacular than what I had before. I am working on a new design for the temple, which will look more like a space station.

UPDATE 2: I uploaded the new design for the evil headquarters. I don't exactly think I'm the best designer in the world, but I like what I came up with for the dragon and space station. On a side note, I think I will design a Space Pirate ship. I'm thinking of a steampunk style for it. However, I'll need about 100 supporters before I make a model.

This is a space station where a group of evil sorcerers reside, as well as a fighter spacecraft. These beings are loyal to a sentient A.I., who wishes to subjugate all life. They abhor all human traits, especially emotion. As a member moves up in rank, they are "rewarded" by becoming increasingly mechanized; their ultimate goal is to transcend their mortal form and become uploaded onto the network with the A.I. they follow. Because an inorganic being cannot use magic, the support of the sorcerers is extremely beneficial to the A.I., although it is too vain to admit it.

These are two Space Knights. They valiantly fight against the A.I. and its followers. The one in the foreground is wearing a jetpack and a spacesuit, which resembles the armor of a conventional knight. The one on the dragon is a specially-trained pilot. The dragon is mechanical, as evidenced by the circuitry, weapons, and turbines, and can be used for transport and combat purposes. The dragons are powerful weapons, but, tragically, only a few have remained uncorrupted by the A.I.

This is a view of the inside of the space station. The highest-ranking members meet here to discuss their plans and to consult with their A.I. master.

These are some of the cyborg sorcerers. The one on the hovering pedestal is the leader, and, as such, only his brain remains organic. The one with the energy scythe and silver helmet is a high-ranking member, and is equipped with numerous mechanical implants. The two in black hoods are low-ranking members. The figure with the wings is the android body created so that the A.I. could have a corporeal form. Well, anyway, I hope you support my idea! Huh? What does "Aeterna" mean? It means "eternal," which reflects how magic did not die out despite the increase in technology, or the fact that magical society is not limited to the feudal era. At least, Google Translate said it could mean "eternal." Well, it sounded like a good name!

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