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Topless Tower Crane

What’s the first thing we see when we come near a city? The Skyline of course!

But looking a little more closely you can see…. cranes! Whether they are yellow or red & white, we see them from afar, they are everywhere and are part of the landscape.

The model that I am proud to present to you is strongly inspired by the Manitowoc / Potain MDT 178 crane, a “topless” crane optimized for the urban environment.

In the collection of Lego construction machinery, yellow obviously, of which I am a big fan, this crane is the element that is missing for a real construction site.

As on the original model, everything is modular, and therefore interchangeable or extensible, easy to transport and simple to assemble. For example, all the cabling is embedded in the boom and only needs to be done once.
The 3 motors and the Powered Up hub are concentrated in the vertical part at the top of the tower, which allows a 360 ° rotation of the boom with no limit to the number of turns. The cabin attached to the vertical tunnel rotates to facilitate transport. The counter-jib accommodates the ballast necessary for the overall balance.
Finally, we must not forget the essential box of tools and various materials (hooks, chains, hammer, pins, etc.).

Before being modelled in, this model has been built to validate the solidity of the unit, and its playability. The speeds of rotation, horizontal and vertical, are very realistic. The lights give the final touch to the realism of this model.

Some features and future developments:
  • A total of +2500 pieces and dimensions of 117 x 25 x 95 cm (46.1 x 9.7 x 37.4 inch)
  • 3 We-DO 2.0 motors, 2 LEDs, 1 Powered Up hub,
  • The possibility of putting the boom in "weathervane" mode, as the real ones, for free rotation to make sure the crane rotates itself based on the wind’s direction.
  • A longer and thinner boom on the end, as on some long-reach cranes.


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