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In-N-Out Burger Resteraunt


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I love to eat at In-N-Out, so why don't I make a restaurant, and that's what I did! What I built is a In-N-Out restaurant full of happy customers and employees! Inside there are 5 different rooms, kitchen, storage, two identical restrooms, and the seating area. Kitchen contains the fryer, two drive thru windows, cash register, grill, ice cream shake maker and the burger making table. Storage is full of plungers, tools, and all sorts of hunk and junk. The restrooms are simple, both identical with 1 toilet and sink. Seating area has different combination of seats, with the glass divider. There is a mustard and ketchup dispenser, and trash cans around. There is a drink station with ice tea, pink lemonade, and the soda dispenser. There is an order and pick up stations as well.Outside there are two large tables with a drive thru around the building and the famous two palm trees crossing. Drive thru menu can take off the back and place small food pictures on the glass, as well as the ordering station inside the building. The roof can be easily removed because it is only seated on top of tiles, but small wedges are used to put the roof in place. I am disappointed on my sign so there may be an update on that. Air vents are scattered around the roof, and to end it, I put some palm tree decor inside and outside, as well as flower pottery outside. More pictures will come out in the update since there are a ton. Please support and share it because I worked hard on it and fixed some mishaps around my build. Thank you for looking and hopefully supporting my build!! :)

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