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Ancient Bathing Establishment of Mondello

The Old Bathing Establishment of Mondello (known as the "Charleston", name of the previous internal restaurant) is located in Mondello, near Palermo, and is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Sicily. The building was built by the architect Rudolf Stualker, initially thought for the Belgian city of Ostend, and later built in Mondello due to the greater beauty of the latter place.
The building, unique in its kind, represents one of the most beautiful architectural works (in Art Nouveau style) in Europe. It was built by Giovanni Rutelli in 1912, and inaugurated on July 15, 1913.

The project was created starting from a blue base, with smooth pieces on top that form the color of the sea. In certain places, pieces are located on which the columns of the platform rest, and above it there is the real structure (a restaurant and 8 total rows of cabanas) a side of the beach was also built on which it rests the entrance, formed by 8 columns and a semicircle above. This structure is connected to the establishment via a pedestrian bridge. For a total of 1702 pieces and about 502 steps to build it.

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