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The Pig Farm

On a small mountain lies the little farm of a farmer and his pigs. A path winds up the mountain leading to the house and the stable. The farmer lives in his small farm house that contains a small bed, a tiny table and chair as well as a small kitchen space along with a fire place where he can cook his stew and his soups. Outside the house is a small well where he can get fresh water for himself and the pigs. There is also a large barrel where he can bathe - either himself or the pigs ;). Next to it is a tree that provides a home to the birds nest and some shade in which the farmer can rest after a long day of work. Behind the tree are some roses and flowers that the farmer planted. However it seems the pigs enjoy them a little too much... From the house leads a small path to a cliff which provides a great view over the landscape. It is also a great place to display the pigs. On the other side of the house is the stable providing shelter for the pigs. The entire farm is enclosed by a fence to ensure that the pigs do not run away.
The set comprises
- the little house of the farmer,
- a stable for the pigs,
- a large tree,
- a well,
- a little cliff,
- a farmer,
- a rat, two birds, a frog, two chickens and a dog,
- and 4 pigs

The set has the following dimensions: Width: 31.5cm, Length 39cm, Height 17cm

When I was travelling through Spain for holidays, I passed some tiny villages with small farms in an idyllic scenery. There, the first thought was born to create a set that reflects this peaceful and beautiful setting. So far there are no real farm sets targeted to AFOLs, although these sets could serve as nice display pieces. Therefore I had the idea to create this model filling this gap in the Lego portfolio.

When I designed the set, I wanted to place the buildings at a certain angle to have a more vivid scene. Also my main focus was to inculde the cliff at a certain angle (which was quite difficult) to allow for better display of the animals or any minifigures (lion-king style :) ).

I hope you enjoy my little project. It would make me happy, if it gives you some joy and inspiration for your own Lego models. If you like it, please hit the support button and feel free to share it via your social media.

Keep on building!

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