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Hero Factory: Macu Prime

You may probably recognize this figure from my earlier set, Hero Factory Finale

Twenty-nine years after Hero Factory was opened, Dr. Macuro discovered an unusual form of quaza, more powerful than he had thought possible. Ancient beyond compare, the crystalline structure was unlike any form of quaza known to exist. Unlike a normal bot, who would attempt to sell it, or place it in a hero, Macuro saved it, putting it upon himself to build the ultimate hero when the time was right. When Von Nebula was defeated, Macuro knew something was up. He began assembling the hero, whom he would eventually call son.

Placing a hidden memory bank inside of Stormer, he programmed Stormer so that Stormer would be unaware of it till something happened to Macuro. Inside the memory bank was detailed information on Macuro's son, including the location of the "prime quaza."

Once completed, Macu Prime (as he would become known as amongst his co-workers) will fight the ultimate threat: The one who has been behind all the attacks. But, even with his more powerful quaza core, will he be able to defeat the mysterious enemy?

Macu Prime comes with more than just a prime quaza core. He has been given a number of weapons to assist him in any situation. With a double-blade sword and a katana as his main weapons, a rifle and pistol on his belt, a dagger and a throwing blade on his shoulders, and a spear on his back, you have not seen a more heavily armed hero yet. One of his abilities is to EMP anyone in a mile radius that doesn't have a quaza core (don't worry, EMP doesn't kill them, just shuts them down till someone turns them on). His guns also carry stun rounds, and his spear and dagger contain tasers behind the blade.

The mysterious villain will be coming soon.

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