Product Idea

International Space Station Building Set

The International Space Station is a symbol of world cooperation with USA ,EU ,Japan,Canada and Italia

and the most  important scientific laboratory of  all time .You can have it on your desk!



-Comes with ATV,HTV, Cygnus Orb and Space X Dragon

-Current Configuration (2017)

- Comes with 2 Soyuz and 2 Progress capsules

-Including one astronaut microfig

-You can reproduce the assembly of the station from 1998 to 2017!


-Turn the solar panels and radiators elements!

-Move Canadaram 2 on the rail of the main truss!

-Attach Dextre and the astronaut microfig to Canadaram!

-Reproduce all assembly missions on the ISS

-Try to dock the different cargo in the ISS!

- Play the building of the station - that was quite some re-arranging to do! 
- Soyuz/Progress capsules can now be departed into the three components of these vessels. Play return to earth with them!


-Approximatively 1/100

-292 pieces


- a mini space shuttle 

-the module Nauka, the last of the ISS