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Aquaman's Aqua-Speeder

In this model I decided to make a custom model of Aquaman's Aqua-speeder, commonly seen in comic books and the classic 70's cartoon: The Super Friends. For the speeder I added harpoons instead of guns or missiles just because it being in the water and all. I also decided to add a piece that Aquaman's trident can hook on to just so he can ride in the Aqua-speeder without having to hold it or take it out. I also added a flaming engine for some cool detail. For detail I added a large and small island and two small water pieces. For the large island I added lots of rock and some overgrown plants. And for the small island I decided to add a small plant and a large, tall rock for detail. Over all I think it turned out great so please support!!

The Aqua-speeder has a set of harpoon guns and a flaming engine.

I decided to add a set of water pieces to describe the terrain.

The large island is covered in rocks and some over grown plants.

For a little extra detail I added a small island with a small plant and a large, tall rock sticking up from the ground.

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