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Ed Sheeran Brickhead

Ed Sheeran is a Suffolk native... we all know who Ed Sheeran is! So I decided to capture him in Lego form. Please share this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc as the first milestone is 100 supporters by August 30th. (2-3 supporters/day).

The acclaimed singer-songwriter rose to fame with his first hit "The A-Team." This was followed by Photograph, I See Fire, Thinking Out Loud, and in 2017, Shape Of You. Shape of You became the most streamed song on Spotify, and the accompanying music video has amassed over 5 billion YouTube views. Some of his others hits include Sing, Lego House, Tenerife Sea, Happier, and Supermarket Flowers. Ed has toured North America, Europe and Asia several times, and performed at shows such as the 2017 Glastonbury Festival.

This Ed Sheeran brickhead includes his plaid shirt, guitar, black and white sneakers, and ginger hair. I also included a microphone and a cat. Fun Fact: Ed Sheeran names his guitars Felix, Trevor, Cyril, Nigel, and Lloyd. He often adds plus sign or pawprint stickers to them.

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