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Tron Car Project


Do you like cars? Do you like movies? Do you like tron? So this project is for you !

I created this lego because I love this movie and wanted to created a nice car! So the car contains not many lego bricks and seems to be a very little set: but I am working on the minifig and I will ad a lego road in order to play with it! This car is very playable and you can put a minifig inside the car!

I used only two colours to build this car: blue and black. I created at first a prototype with real lego bricks and then I designed it with a lego software: lego digital designer ! 

So I tried to make this car the more realistic as possible and made a nice render with Blender: if you like this project please vote for it, the project needs 10 000 supporters! Please share it also to your friends !

Please support my willy wonka project to!


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