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LEGO Medieval Tavern in Black Forest

Hello everybody. I'm glad I discovered this LEGO Ideas page for me.

Many very nice ideas are here, nice people and many friendships have arisen here. Thanks for that.

Now for the moc

The medieval tavern. Here celebrated what it takes. Every guest is welcome ;-). The house is built on a stable rock foundation. The first floor is made of stone and is very old. Some parts have already crumbled. Above that the floor is built of half-timbering. The beams are painted from oak and dark green. The roof quite big and pointed ... like in a fairy tale. The tavern is in Walt and there is plenty of soda ;-) How is it inside? Mysterious :-) ... that will come later ...
I hope you like the MOC :-)

Please stay healthy and continue to build great things out of LEGO
Until then, your Frank (DERBOOR)

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