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Fully Motorized Watermill

Welcome to the idyllic and functional watermill! Here, fresh grain is turned into flour. The full process can be marvelled at in this building. The entire mill is driven by the power of water… Well, okay, to be honest, the power is supplied by a Power Functions L-Motor.

Motorized functions include (Video below):
  • Rotating millwheel
  • Rotating millstone
  • Grain-elevator, which facilitates the work of the miller
Why I chose this project:
The mill is in half-timbered design and covered with a thatched roof. Small mills of this type are common in my vicinity. My grandfather was a miller himself.
 I am fascinated by the old technique of watermills which are rarely in operation nowadays. Consequently, I am very happy to have such a mill now rebuilt and motorized with Lego Bricks.
Why the Lego Fans will like it:
I think there are many Lego enthusiast out there enjoying this detailed model of a watermill including interesting functions. There are many little details and exciting building techniques to be discovered. Moreover, the technical functions should also interest fans of Lego Technic. For example, I used a differential to make the grain-elevator work better.
This Model includes about 2500 pieces as well as 4 minifigures (miller, 2 hikers, angler) and some animals. 
Design process:
The watermill itself is a further development from two previous mocs I built last year without publishing. Especially the angled side wall including the millwheel was a huge challenge that both took a lot of time and was a so much fun! Of course, the technical features were also part of the more difficult tasks during design process.
All in all, I had a lot of fun with this project which is why I would now like to share it with you.

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