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Asian Temple Ruin

Already 1500 years before Christ, there were huge cultures in Asian areas. They built cities that are still considered to be the largest in the world in terms of area. Nowadildays many of these buings have fallen into disrepair, which make it an little bit Adventurous.
In this case, it is a temple that is in a remote place in the jungle. It was once the royal house of a great culture.

The contents of the temple

This is only about the things that can be seen in the appearance:

          -The main building with:
                   -a fountain
                   -2 statues
                   -A throne
          -A tower with a crystal
          -2 pavilions
          -A small cave under a rock
          -A brook
          -8 trees
          -A secret hiding place for a sword

Technical specifications

his is about length, width, etc.

          -Length:48 studs
          -Width: 32 studs
          -Height: 22.66 blocks
          -Number of parts of the main building: about 1500
          -Number of parts of the tower: 175
          -Number of parts in total: 2234

If you have any questions you can ask them under the comments.

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