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A Cute Little Penguin And His Baby.


Those little black and white birds, everybody like them, especially children. They are so cute.
And yes, they are birds despite the fact they don't fly. In fact, their wings are used to swim.
I have decided to make a penguin because I love animals and penguins are special one.
They are living far from human under very cold temperatures.

They are the only bird with no breathing ability and the only one to have feathers and do not use them to fly.

My penguin is a bit tall, to build it I have uses black, yellow and white pieces. Some pieces allow to move arms, feet, the head and the tail.

I have used white interchangeable plates to simulate the ice field.
I have added a fir tree and some fishes, the favorite penguin food.
In order for him to not feel alone, I have also created a baby penguin.

I have made penguins to please children but also to make them sensitive to their critical situation and to try to protect them.

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