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Brickbuster Video - 1990's/2000's VHS Rental Store


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Do you miss the days of renting physical media such as VHS tapes in iconic stores such as Blockbuster? Well, LEGO remembers! Behold, Brickbuster, the answer to all of that nostalgia in LEGO form! Reminisce good memories of renting your favourite tapes over and over again, or browsing for a new title to fill out your evening.

I decided to build this iconic store with a LEGO twist out of my love for both LEGO and VHS. Since I was a kid I would always watch VHS tapes, and although now outdated to most, I enjoy collecting rare releases and watching my favourite tapes. Born from this was the desire to make some sort of LEGO and VHS combined set, and I settled on making a Blockbuster out of LEGO. The name Brickbuster just seemed way too good to pass up on.

I have limited memories of blockbuster as we didn't often visit, yet those I do have of it are very nostalgic to me, and no doubt also nostalgic to many others who are my age or older! And so I give you, Brickbuster, a play set and display set that I think captures the time period of the 1980s to early 2000s quite well.

The set itself consists of 849 pieces, including the minifigures, and some spare tapes to simulate renting/returning them. It also features a storeroom, the iconic "Quik Drop" return slot which was a staple for most blockbusters, and the ability to put items on display inside the case below the front desk.

The set has a removable roof, not much unlike the LEGO Modular buildings, and the back swings open in 2 parts. This is for ease of access into the main store and into the display cabinet below the front desk. The "Quik Drop" slot allows for minifigures to return tapes and have them slide into a "New Returns" cabinet for employees to verify and other customers to see.

Of the 5 figures included, there are 2 employees and 3 customers.

Thank you to anyone who wants to support this project, I hope it can be made a reality someday :)

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