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Gigi's Farm


Gigi's Farm is a play set for my niece and nephews, I wanted to design them something that would grab there attention and there imagination, As farms have been a large part of my younger life, I have so many happy memories of playing in the hay barn and going riding, I wanted to bring those elements to this, I remembered playing with this old wooden farm set at my grandparents house. I wanted it to be a more interesting version of that with things that move and actual tasks they could do, like mucking out the stables, feeding the chickens, taking the delivery of hay into the barn. There is a feed room for mixing the feed, it has a fire for the winter to warm yourself by and somewhere to sit and drink a coco, you can harvest apples from the tree, to feed to the animals. You can groom Honey and her foal. Weather its milking the cows or just going for a ride there is always something to do on Gigi's Farm



The set has the farmer, Obdire and his daughter Gigi, her horse Honey and foal, Gypsy. The three cows Daisy,Gertrude and Abigail, and the golden lab Belle.There are the two cats Mio and Milly the pigs Snuffles and Munch,  the chickens otherwise known as the Lady's and a rooster called Carl, there are rats in the barn, that the cats are supposed to catch, but seem to be more interested in the chickens, and a family of barn owls in the rafters of the barn waiting for there new chick to arrive.



I believe its firstly a fun set to put on the floor and play with, its something all three of my niece and nephews could happily play with all at the same time for a long time as there are different sections to the same set and so many different things to do and characters to play with. It is also a complex and interesting build, I wanted it to be relatively advanced as my nephew is 11 and I feel he could build this, with a little help, so great for grownups too.

It also could have add on's like a tractor or a sheep paddock or goat pen or chicken house, a donkey pulled hay cart, even a muck heap. But you could build these yourself, Create thoughts and ideas for how you would like a farm to be.  You could have hours of fun playing with all the people and animals on Gigi's Farm. 



I am really happy with how this idea turned out. And really enjoyed designing and building it. 



I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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