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In a Glass House


This private glasshouse is inspired by the Victorian era greenhouses. The architecture, the brick foundation, the vintage floor tiles and the climbing roses set the charm of traditional English greenhouses. The large bay windows allowed the growth of exotic plants that have been collected all over the world, and beyond... There is no better place for reading a book or taking a well-deserved rest than under the giant palm leaves. Also, the balcony offers a perfect place to take the afternoon tea and show off the different plant species, that can be found inside the house.

On the outside, the garden in rich in textures as well as nice LEGO additions; The mature coniferous and the flowering perennials help to structure the yard. A vegetable garden grows under the glass windows to extend the harvest season. Gardening tools, compost bin and rain barrel are also in the back yard. Some decorative lights and torches are added to give a warmer atmosphere. Also, for roasted marshmallow fans out there, there is a fire pit and chairs to enjoy cool autumn nights.

This  set is intended for everyone who loves botanic and secretly dream of having a green thumb. Now is your chance!


- Removable roof

- 2500 pieces, including a flame no.87957 from the set  no.8191

- 1 cat, 1 dog, 1 parrot and a few bugs

- 4 minifigures, featuring Monty Don (I like to think that M. Don is visiting the greenhouse to give his horticulture tips)

Thank you for supporting my LEGO Idea!

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