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Pacific Rim Project

What is it?
Pacific Rim is a action packed movie where robots are used to save the Earth from aliens which come from the sea.

Why I think it is appropriate?
The films age rating is a twelve however many other themes by Lego are based on movies which are rated twelve. For example; Harry Potter, Marvel Superheroes, DC Superheroes, Lord of the rings, etc. Another reason is that children love robots and they love aliens. Evidence of this is that their have been many Space themes and Hero Factory (The heroes are robots) is an extremely popular theme.

What would the set look like?
Below is just one example of a Pacific Rim model. Their are plenty of robots in Pacific Rim therefore you could have ultra-build models like they did for the Superheroes theme and Chima. Another type of set you could have is to have mini-figures of the Robots and Aliens therefore you could build you own adventure. The possibilities are endless.

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