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The Broken Ear


My name is Thiago and this is my first Lego's MOC (my own creation): The Broken Ear fetish. I hope you enjoy it! =]

Model information

  • 846 Pcs
  • 50 cm Tall ~ real size
  • Arumbaya Stone included

The Adventures of Tintin

The broken-ear idol is one of the most iconic episodes of the series and it made its mark in my childhood. When I found out just a few months ago about Lego Ideas, the first thing that came to my mind was... The Arumbaya Idol! Its beautiful design combined with a real mystery (since it is inpired by a real statuette) makes this piece a one-of-a-kind.

In the 1975 Tintin TV series, the idol belongs to the Arumbayas, a tribe that lives in San Theodoro, a fictional amazonian country in South America, created by Hergé.

The Real Story

"The mysterious and coveted Arumbaya fetish is in reality a small pre-Columbian statue that belongs to the Royal Museum of Art and History in Brussels. The origins of this statuette are far removed from the Amazon region: it comes from the area surrounding the city of Trujillo in North Peru. The real museum piece does not have a broken ear, while the only way of telling the "real" statue in the story, is precisely by its broken ear!"

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