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Futuristic Biogarden


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Futuristic Biogarden
Hello everybody! I’m glad to introduce you my new project on LEGO Ideas. This one is a science fiction project featuring a biogarden of a futuristic city. It has about 2.080 pieces.
I have spent a lot of enjoyable hours creating this project with Studio, and several more rendering the different views and details. The main features are set forth below.
Main features
The model comprises the following areas or facilities: a greenhouse, a recycling plant, a long-range antenna, a kiosk and a connecting bridge.     
The set has been designed onto two base plates (32x32 and 16x32). It further comprises a boat, a transport vehicle, ten minifigures and a rat.
The greenhouse offers proper shelter and optimal growing conditions to several species brought from different planets by brave space explorers.
The main building is fully functional and sophisticate. It is equipped with solar energy, electrical power, long-range communications, closed-circuit television cameras, technical gases, water supplies, sprinklers, exhaust air extraction and ventilation. The façade is mostly provided with glass walls/windows and openings for allowing the natural light come in.  
The inner space is provided with a laboratory for analysing biological specimens, an elevated walkway for observing exotic hanging plants and two fully equipped containers for lodging indoor species.
The outer space is provided with hydraulic and sewage installations, and two fully equipped containers for lodging outdoor species. The outer space is delimited by a metallic mesh fence.
The greenhouse has three entrances. The first one is an armoured door for the personnel, the second one is a driveway gate for transport vehicles, and the third one is a metal gate that communicates the greenhouse with the recycling plant.
Recycling plant
The recycling plant is next to the navigable channel, so the boats coming from it may unload their waste. The recycling plant is assisted by a worker who handles a crane.
The kiosk is located under an awning next to the long-range antenna. Different products (water, small electronic devices, etc.) and services (second-hand pieces, repairs, etc.) may be acquired.
Connecting bridge
The connecting bridge allows the pedestrians cross the navigable channel that communicates with the city dock. Under the bridge there is a rubbish bin, and a rat eating from its content.
Biogarden workers (3)
Recycling plant worker
Kiosk’s owner
Woman buying
Boat driver
Young women
Young man talking
Woman talking
I hope you like it. Thanks for your support!

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