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The Medieval Farm

Hello to you, lord or lady who read these words.

I present to you my medieval farm. This is a set of 2990 pieces.
I have been a fan of the LEGO Castle range since the age of 5, my goal is for LEGO to market a castle range to be able to build an entire medieval village (as for modular LEGO).

I created this medieval farm in a modular way to keep its playability.
The farm has a stable with cows and animals, there is also an oven for baking bread, a cook, a large room for feasting and a large bedroom to find a well-deserved rest.
The farm also has a dovecote and an attic to store animal fodder.
All rooms are accessible with stairs or ladders

I also made other creations such as a garrison, a mill, a tavern, a mansion, a market, a watch tower ...

Hope you enjoy this building and its ambiance.

Thank you for reading these few words.

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