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Mythbusters: M5 Industries

This is what we will be testing in this project: is a Lego mythbusters set even possible? Well I think it is. All we need is some full proof evidence in form of your vote. This would make a great Lego ideas set because Mythbusters is very popular and has some very memorable people. These people include Jamie Hyneman, owner of M5 industries, Tory Balleci, co host of the white rabbit project, Kari Byron, co host of Punkin Chunkin from the Science channel, Grant Imahara, robot fighter and stage crew member from Lucas Film, Buster, the loved test dummy of myth busters and Adam Savage, host of Adam Savage tested YouTube channel and Mythbusters junior. I built this because I love the Mythbusters show and the science behinds it.


  • Adam savage
  • Jamie Hyneman
  • Tory Balleci
  • Grant Imahara
  • Kari Byron
  • Buster the test dummy
  • Heat suit (Jamie and Adam)
  • Bomb suit (Jamie and Adam)
  • A stand for all Eight mini-figures

  • Test car (with rocket car add on)
  • Adam Savage's Segway

  • Two tool boxes
  • Chainsaw
  • Welding torch
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Ax
  • Lots and Lots of duct tape
  • Car lack
  • Table saw
  • Work table
  • Hook
  • Welding masks

Filming Equipment:
  • Large high speed camera wall
  • Tall high speed camera
  • Small high speed camera wall
  • Short high speed camera
  • Filming camera
  • White computer
  • Black computer

  • Front door with M5 industries sign
  • Back/side door with M5 Industries sign
  • Blast shield that can be detached and fold for what ever the need is.
  • Front sidewalk
  • Back/side drive way and testing area
  • Garage door

  • Wall of boxes with labels
  • Two tool boxes
  • Box of tools
  • Car jack
  • Garage door
  • Garage door opener and closer
  • Pile of duct tape
  • Blueprint room with blueprint table and a few rolled up things of blueprints

Myth testing Equipment:
  • Giant ball of Lego
  • Rocket car attachment
  • Radios
  • Switch activated detonators
  • Button activated detonators
  • Fuse
  • Canon
  • Duct tape canon
  • Canon balls
  • Rocket
  • Rocket launcher
  • Blast shield
  • Bomb safe bunker
  • Sticks of C4
  • Sticks of dynamite
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Computers
  • High speed camera equipment

  • Pieces of wood
  • Red flames
  • Blue flames
  • Mini buster
  • Mini ballistic gel buster
  • Ballistic gel bust
  • Ballistic gel bust (no arms)
  • Buster bust
  • Busted sign
  • Confirmed sign
  • Plausible sign
  • Shaving cream can
  • Can
  • Heat suit head for Jamie
  • Bomb suit head for Adam

Piece count: 2098

I hope that you will vote for this so we can say that having a Mythbusters Lego set can be confirmed.

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