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Mars Crawler

This tracked vehicle has a manual dumping bed that swings far back to dump all materials inside bed. It has a swinging boom with a hook attached to the end. Comes with sample carrier and storage space. The MARS Crawler has a separate storage deck beneath main body. The long tracks provide excellent stability for this rover.

I built this model because I love building Technic sets and have always thought they were so incredible. I wanted to see if I could build my own. I have tried to build my own models many times but have always hit a big problem and stopped building. But this time I kept going. It was so fun to finally see the final product. 

This would make a great set because it has any different functions to play with and use. It would also be fun to build and imagine with. It also could encourage people to find out more about Mars rovers. I believe this would be a great set.

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