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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle


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This set was created using LEGO Digital Designer.

Welcome to Jumanji, Nigel Billingsley at your service.

The goal for you. I'll recite in verse. Return the jewel and lift the curse. If you wish to leave the game, you must save Jumanji and call out its name.

Travel through Jumanji as: 

Dr. Bravestone: A strong, confident archaeologist and explorer (insert smolder intensity) with no weaknesses... Well maybe one, like a Switchblade.

Mouse (Moose) Finbar: A diminutive zoologist, weapons carrier, and Bravestone's sidekick with weaknesses to strength, speed, and... cake! "I hate this game!"

Professor Shelly Oberon: A cartographer and scientific expert with a weakness to endurance.

Ruby Roundhouse: A dance fighter and martial artist with a weakness to venom.

Seaplane McDonough: An aircraft pilot whose weakness is mosquitos.

The set includes: Nigel Billingsley's jeep that will make traveling through Jumanji a lot easier (shame Nigel is just an NPC and won't stick around for long); travel to Alan Parrish's old place of residence, and you'll find Seaplane McDonough (who's been in this game since the 1990s); and travel to the Jaguar Mountain to which you must return the Jade Jaguar eye before Van Pelt gets to you with his Jaguars first.

This set has exactly 1456 pieces. Please support this and give me a follow. Stay tuned for more ideas and sets like this one!

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