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The Sidewalk


The Sidewalk.

Before I go in to all the details about this new expanded set, I would just like to thank you all who have supported so far and thank you for all the comments and the people that suggested that I expand this set. So I went back to my sketch book and came up with 'The Sidewalk'. I kept the drinks machine in the model because people really liked it the first time around. so here it is in this brand new set. The Sidewalk contains lots of little details that you would see if you were really walking on a pavement, such as; a bench, a phone box, a shop and a drinks machine and much, much more. I am really pleased with the micro builds that I have designed for this set. Apart from the drinks machine, I think my favorite one is the phone box and for that, I used quite a cool technique that I think you will really like. I've included lots of little details, for example, I added a  small fire hydrant with a dog weeing next to it, also I placed a Lego crow in a tree and I built a pram and placed a Lego baby inside. Similarly, on the topic of details, for this set, I created my own stickers such as the telephone box sign, and the signs on the bakery on the side of the street. I really enjoyed designing and building the bakery, it took me quite a lot of attempts to get it right. I utilized a lot of interesting details and techniques that I think you will enjoy. I have also added additional minifigures to this set to help populate the sidewalk. I have included, 3 male minifigures, 2 Female minifigures, a baby and a dog. Overall, I really hope you all like the new update to the set and the fact that there are lots of cool details and building techniques  and the fact that the drinks machine actually works. I really do hope support this project and maybe one day you will see this in your Lego collection.

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